Missing your period can be very upsetting if you're not planning on becoming pregnant. Gateway Women's Resource Center is here to help you answer your biggest question: Am I pregnant? Visit our center to know for sure with a free on-site pregnancy test. Our confidential services are available to help you get answers to your questions and explore your choices at absolutely no cost to you. Make an appointment today.

Free Pregnancy Test

Make an appointment to verify your pregnancy with a free pregnancy test at Gateway Women's Resource Center . Our pregnancy testing is 99% accurate and laboratory quality. If your test is positive, our client advocates will answer any questions you have regarding your result and discuss your pregnancy and your options.

I've Already Taken A Home Test

The free pregnancy testing provided by  Gateway Women's Resource Center may provide more accurate results than the home test you have already taken. Our medical-quality pregnancy tests are 99% accurate. If you have a positive pregnancy test at our center you may be referred for a free ultrasound.

Only a licensed physician can diagnose pregnancy.

We Can Help

An unplanned pregnancy can feel overwhelming. You may need a calm place to process everything, where you can feel safe to share what’s on your mind and get information about your options. That place can be Gateway Women's Resource Center. Make an appointment to meet with us and get answers to the questions you may have about your personal situation.

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